Thursday, 21 November 2013

This time fo realz yo!

Chapter 34 of Sarah Porter's Schooldays is now up. Seriously, it really is. Go and look!

I know it's been a while, and a week late (or 5 months late as some of you buggers are wont to remind me) but real life comes first.

I have no more travel for the rest of the year *fist pump* and am taking my first holiday in three years over the Christmas break - three whole weeks off. My big plans? Stay at home and read, do some writing, maybe veg out and get fat (haha). I am seriously contemplating stocking up on food so I don't have to leave the house at all *sigh*

I'll actually probably spend a lot of time in the forest. I got some new Vibrams and I'm looking forward to wearing them in, exploring and finding some cool places off the beaten track.

Ramble incoming, in 3...2...1...

This chapter was hard. Not necessarily to write, but to edit. It took a long time, much longer than anticipated. Over the last few months my writing has been incredibly fragmented. I have basically been writing whatever and whenever with no thoughts to continuity or structure. Going through everything, I have about seven chapters worth of material (around 150,000 words) written but it is across four stories and often skips entire chapters.

I also have three notebooks worth of scribbles (those annoying little flashes that strike at the strangest of times - usually when I'm trying to go to sleep and end up keeping me awake until the wee hours) that I have to attempt to put together. 

This current chapter had multiple parts written at different times and I had to stitch them together. I don't ever want to have to do that again. The editing process took longer than the writing (and I don't like editing my own stuff at the best of times, but it is necessary, I'll often add another quarter of the chapter's total in editing).

As always, I'm relying a lot on you guys and girls to keep me grounded. I can't thank enough all those people who have written to me to point out errors in what I've already posted. I try and fix them up as soon as I can.

A big thank you to everyone who sends me little snippets as well. I love all the links and images that pop into my inbox.

Thank you also to all those lovely emails concerned for my welfare... you guys *blush* In the future, even if I struggle to write I'll always pop on here, or to my tumblr and keep you updated.

Ah tumblr, the destroyer of time. Not really though, I don't do a huge amount of browsing but more than one little scene, or sometimes just a sentence, has come from there (usually from the most unlikely sources). So I started my own and am using it as kind of a repository of inspiration and just stuff that I like. I've only just got the hang of messages there though, so if you've sent one through and I've not answered (or it seems like I haven't), you can send it again - I will answer privately unless I decide its pertinent not to.

And that's about it. Hoepfully updates will be a little more regular but I just don't know. I am still piecing everything together and my life, though a little more settled, has a lot of uncertainty (things I hope come to fruition and others I don't).

So, enjoy (hopefully).


  1. Thanks Jason. I haven't read it yet, but thanks anyway. I'm sure it's wonderful.

  2. Glad you're back man. Just read SPS, very detailed as usual but there's one time when Sarah was called Katie again. Look forward to the next chapter. Good work.

    "Stop," Rascal ordered. Katie obeyed instinctively, stopping her flow almost instantly. She had been commanded by another slut but she had obeyed without thought. "The first mark has been reached, Sir."
    "Sarah, stand."

  3. Worth the wait , hopefully more chapters will follow soon. You should really think about self publishing at BDSM books.

  4. Thanks genwolf. Long days at work at the moment, kinda tiring. Holidays in two days though, so I'll have a chance to do a little more then.

    Self-publishing is something I had thought about. I have someone who will give me a hand with the whole thing when I'm ready, so maybe sometime.

    1. Just make sure there is an electronic version or an online subscription so I can get to read it :-)

      Great chapter as usual, totally worth the wait (like there was any doubt :-p ) thanks Jason.

  5. A lot of publishers are really skittish about anything involving minors. Just thinking about sex with a girl under 18 is a crime these days.