Monday, 11 November 2013

Opportunity and Adventure

Where's the bloody chapters?

Yes, well may you ask. A chapter shall be posted this week, and hopefully another the week after that and then a steady stream towards the end of the year. I have just returned from my final trip of the year, so I now get to spend as much time at home, squirrelled away in my little slice of the world, as I like.

In the meantime I have been dabbling in tumblr. You can check it out at Opportunity & Adventure. It's just going to be a collection of things that I like, that pique my interest or that I spot around the place. Just starting out here but over time it will grow and maybe give you guys and girls a little insight into what tickles the fancy of my muse.

If you see anything you think I'd like, let me know and it might just make it's way up.


  1. So far your Tumbler is wonderful. We have the same taste.

  2. Great Taste Jason!
    Bookmarked. :D

  3. Looks like you've got more than seven days in one week *grin*

  4. Yeah, I'm creative like that. While editing I realised, due to the fragmentary nature of my writing recently, that I needed to redo the entire middle section of the chapter, which has probably taken longer than it did to write it initially - got to make things fit!