Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Again with the Pig

I have added the second new chapter of Pentonbridge Pig. I didn't mention the last update here so if you aren't following that individual blog you might have missed it. Chapter 31 shouldn't be far off - it is written and almost edited.

I have been doing a little editing lately, not something I usually do a lot of but I've kind of been in the mood :)

I'm not sure what will be next to come. I just have to finish the last little bit of the next chapter of Sarah Porter's Schooldays, in which our young student attends her punishment session. I am also putting the finishing touches on the middle part of the latest chapter of My Very Own, so it just depends on what takes my fancy on any given day.

The ideas have been running wild lately and I have actually been dabbling in a couple of new stories. Nothing too serious, just getting ideas down and writing a scene or two, just so I don't forget. Never fear though, I'm not about to start posting another serial without finishing one of the current players. I'm not that much of a masochist!

It might be a while before any of these stories see the light of day but I am writing a little most days.

I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for their continued support. It really is a great motivator to know that you are out there, waiting patiently (ha ha). I've recently discovered tumblr (how have I not learnt of this before?) but I'm trying hard not to let it suck too much of my time. Maybe I'll pop up on there sometime soon.

I've been asked about my library a few times and once I have my desk, and my new lights, I'll take a few pictures and pop them up for those that are interested.


  1. Thank you very much for the update on "Pentonbridge Pig", Jason. Am also delighted to hear your mind has ventured on new paths. "Nothing too serious" is -besides an example of a good title- more promising coming from you, than finished ideas and stories from legions of "other" writers...

    As always I'm looking forward -patiently- to your concoctions and it's always a pleasure to sip from your cauldron.

    Take care,

  2. I look forward to reading the latest of the P P story... am waiting with bated breath for more of sarah porter's adventures in education! and of course you know that there are many of us glad to read that you are writing, daily... it has indeed been a long time and updates as well as new stories will all be very welcomed! glad to know that you are alive and well and having fun still and again


  3. Thanks guys. I enjoy my little hobby and hope to enjoy it even more when my library is complete and my comp is finally fixed. I am otherwise occupied for the next few day so my comp is going into the shop. Fingers crossed it comes back nice and obedient :)

  4. its pretty nice above many others...


  5. Any news of the next parts?

  6. It's been awfully silent... I do hope you're alright?