Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Who Wants to be a Luddite?

So I guess it's time to bite the bullet and get this computer fixed. I honestly thought I'd managed to do it myself with a rebuild but it seems there is just something fundamentally wrong with my videocard. I can't avoid it any longer.

I lost around two hours writing tonight and that was really the final straw. I shall continue to edit what I have and should have a new chapter of PP up tomorrow but I'm going to have to fix this once and for all.

It is one of the worst feelings in the world to have your computer freeze, leaving you staring at a screen unable to hit just one more key that would have seen the last two hours of work saved. I'm not going to say which story I was working on as that will only make a certain group all the more despondent.

On a more positive note, I have my library in order finally - my books are all out of their boxes and on the shelves. Once I have a few more things in place (like an actual desk) I'll have my wonderful writing environment back, which will please my muse to no end.


  1. Seems odd that a PC freezes because of a faulty video card. When hardware like a video card malfunctions, one usually gets a BSoD (blue screen of death). A freeze often is caused by conflicting (or lack of) software, like drivers.

    Of course, when the video card is a chip on the motherboard, all sorts of things can go awry when that motherboard is faulty. But I would do a check-up on the drivers of mainly the video card and/or the motherboard...

    I sincerely hope you get things sorted, not especially because of my read-greed (although there's a lot of that too), but simply because I know how annoying it can be to have a computer which gives you the finger ever so often.


  2. I used to get blue screens that were all driver related. I pulled everything apart and cleaned it, and haven't had one since then (I needed to try anything I could without spending any money).

    However, every now and then when I start it there is no signal to the monitor. I turn the comp off, play with the videocard and voila we're all right again. This time though, the screen blanked in the middle of writing, so...

    It just seems like it is all linked to the videocard. It can't hurt to just swap that out. An entirely new computer right now isn't really on the cards so I'll try something.

    I'm learning little bits as I go :)


  3. Does your motherboard have another socket that can host your video card?

    Some boards have more than one PCIe 16x sockets so you can try using a different one, if that doesn't work then its the video card for sure.

  4. A PC freezing can be caused by anything from not enough/faulty RAM, malfunctioning power supply to inadequate software.

    Another possibility is, for example -when using a Logitech keyboard with its own display (the so-called "G" series like G19, G510, etc.) on an USB3 inlet. For some reason this causes the keyboard to malfunction and can cause the PC to freeze completely.

    Older Logitech software also causes problems in that the updater uses too much RAM (a so-called "memory-leak") and the PC freezes.

    Using RAM with an extreme (HX) profile on a mainboard that doesn't support HX RAM can cause a freeze.

    A faulty power supply which has instances where it doesn't deliver enough power to the mainboard can cause the the video card to malfunction (a PCIe slot can deliver a max of 75watt, 6/8-pins PCIe cables deliver 75w/150w respectively).

    Using an operating system like Vista, Windows 7/8 warrants at least 2GB (Vista) of RAM, while W7 & 8 need 1GB of RAM respectively, for the OS alone. Not enough RAM can cause the PC to freeze or get stuck in a reboot cycle.

    There's umpteen possibilities for the cause of a freezing computer...