Thursday, 24 January 2013

Great Expectations

I would like to start off the new year by saying a huge thank you to everyone for the comments, emails and support. 2012 had its up and downs but so it goes.

I am looking forward now and I feel, just a little niggling sensation deep in my belly, that this year will bring some great things. I just wanted to let everyone know I am working, and hope to have some stuff up real soon. As many of you know my computer doesn't seem to want to be on the payroll, and the random freezes and restarts has left a deal of material lost to the ether.

I am persevering, trying to just roll with the punches and keep things ticking along (I am saving like a madman now, sometimes after every sentence :) I hope to be able to rectify the situation soon.

Thanks again for sticking with me and for all the help you have given me.


  1. Damn... didn't know you're still having problems with your computer. Is there any way I can contact you (or vice-versa) to see if we can sort things out?

    Let me know ;)

  2. If you have PayPal details, I would be happy to donate to help to get you something new to avoid the ongoing hassles...

  3. Count me in for donating something via paypal. I root around looking for good computer deals all the time - and something reliable can be had for remarkably little.