Monday, 24 December 2012

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone.

Apologies for being MIA for so long. I had a lot of plans for my holidays but they were all forgotten and replaced with less fun stuff like funeral arrangements.

I am hoping to get back into writing really soon and I look forward to putting out chapters a little more regularly in the new year (fingers crossed).

2012 has been a tumultuous period for me, but the foundations have been laid and 2013 is looking good.


  1. Jason,

    Sorry for your loss. I hope 2013 is better year.

  2. I too have lost too many old comrades this year "Crossed Over The Bar" ("On Eternal Patrol" as the USN puts it). You never quite get used to the empty stools but as long as you live they are never truly gone. Have a tot or two, "Splice the Mainbrace!" and drink to absent friends, in memory still bright.

  3. 2012 was a pretty all around lousy year for a lot of people, a lot of other life forms, a lot of nations. . . there has been some great fiction though and your writing is always right up at the head of that line. I too lost friends and am watching My parents, in their late 80s, deteriorate rapidly. I don't drink booze much, never perched on a stool and never morbidly. Instead, when dealing with death (and it is so easy to understand why while watching one's parents taking leave so gradually), I follow the New Orleans path. Beads thrown from floats, raucous music with plenty of brass and thumbing percussion, fancy and funny costumes, laughter and celebration. It is indeed our loss, but I try to think of it as a Great Crossing, over the River and through the Woods. Grandma always had great cookies, so I have renamed Heaven... and now refer to it as Granma's House!

    Now that so many states allow medical use of cannabis and I too have a license to self-treat, I hope to find a great deal more of your writings My friend. One of My favorite ways to enjoy a stone.

  4. Sorry to hear of Your loss.

    May the best of 2012 be the worst of 2013.

  5. Please accept my condolences. No apologies needed. Ofcourse I'm looking forward to the next chapters. But in the meantime it gives me the chance to re-read your stories!

  6. Better late than never: a joyous and fruitful 2013 to you (and everybody else, in fact -bar a few exceptions).

    Also been having my hands full, lately. Preparing a few moves including my own and my mom's (the block where we live is being sold and everybody -around 35 people- has to move) and burrying my neighbour of 5 years (feted his 74th birthday last October 27th, a month later, out of the blue, he died in his sleep)...

    Usually I tell you not to hurry, but I'm getting symptoms of some serious withdrawal, so, hey!, shake that butt, béhbéh :D