Saturday, 6 October 2012

Update All the Things!

Yes, it has been a while, but I have not been idle.

Todays updates: Chapter 28 of Pentonbridge Pig, Chapter 33 of Sarah Porter's Schooldays and the final part of Chapter 21 of My Very Own.

With MVO just scroll down to the last break (the asterisks). You can't miss it, what with the bloody font changing yet again. Honestly, if anyone has a fucking clue why the fonts and font size seems to randomly change in my posts, I am all ears.

I have to admit to being a little scattered in my approach lately, but circumstances dictate, even for the best of us. The next update should be Chapter 22 of My Very Own. I had planned it all to stay as one massive chapter but as I wrote, it progressed well enough for there to be a natural break.

I am hoping that it won't be as far away though :)


  1. fyi
    for some reason the new chapter of SPS posted twice.

    thanks for the new chapters! :)

  2. Saturday was my birthday!!! Thanks for the birthday presents!

  3. Just though you should know, there's a small mistake in SPS. For a small sections Sarah was called Katie.

    "Sarah sank to her squat, banishing the silly thoughts, and licked the glistening yellow droplets from where they clung to the matted curls of the prefect’s pussy. She was careful to keep her tongue moving, using just the right amount of pressure to clean where she should and not give the impression that she was in any way trying to pleasure the older girl.

    She pressed her tongue along the damp curls twice before leaning back and awaiting the next cue. The prefect reached down for her panties, the motion all Katie needed. She moved out of the stall, hurrying directly into the cubicle on her right. She hadn’t quite achieved her squat when she was brought up short.

    “Did you just come straight from the other stall?”
    “Yes Miss,” Sarah replied weakly, knowing that questioning tone in the prefect’s voice meant she had done something wrong.
    “And you were going to touch my pussy with that mouth? Without cleaning it first?”
    “Yes Miss,” Sarah said, her distress evident by the quaver in her usually sweet voice.
    “How dare you! You just earnt yourself an infraction. Now wash your mouth out and hurry up, you have till I count to five.”

    Katie almost jumped to her feet and walked quickly from the stall, her heels tracking her swift progress across the tiles."

  4. Haha, thanks a lot for that. The dangers of writing multiple stories at once I guess :)


  5. Hi!
    From what I can see the random font sizes are from copy-paste from Microsoft Word into the Blog editor.
    this link:
    offers a workaround.

  6. Hey termi, thanks for that. I shall definitely look into it.

  7. Thankyou so much ...
    Loved latest SPS update as well as MVO.

  8. Any news of more updates?

  9. I'm away on business at the moment but I am hoping that by the end of the month there will be a few things to see. Crazy times :)

  10. Excellent, the end of the month is only a week away!

  11. A fantastic story with uncanny detail. Watching for your next chapters. Great work.

  12. Can we expect a Christmas present?