Thursday, 6 September 2012

Milk & Honey Update

Part two of MVO has been added. I have simply attached this to the bottom of the previous post as I don’t really want to split these parts into separate chapters. If you have already read part 1, just do a page search for the * and jump to where part 2 starts.

Part 3 is coming along but my computer has decided to pack it in, final straw was when I lost an hour’s work on MVO when it crashed yet again. So it is off to the shop for that and a short hiatus for my writing.

Thanks so much for all the feedback. I appreciate it more than I can put into words.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Little Hiccup

Overworked and overtired I guess :)

To anyone who was quick off the mark, the last update of MVO was the wrong one. It was actually the second part, which will be finished any day now.

First part is up now :)

Holiday next week though so I will get a chance to relax after 30 days straight work. Hopefully my mind will right itself (fingers crossed my comp will too).

Thanks for sticking with me.

As Promised :)

The first part of chapter 21 of My Very Own is up. As I have mentioned before, this chapter is going to be a little longer than usual so I am going to post up the parts as I finish them and add the new parts to the end as I go - I shan't be adding new posts and calling them part 1, part 2 etc. I just find this to be a little messy.

I hope you haven't missed the Katie and Lauren too much.

I have had some serious computer issues of late - windows dying and causing the loss of an entire writing session (400 words lost to the ether) as well as some crazy BSODs and freezes. I seem to have fixed the word problem, now for the other two. My technical ability (and my good friend google) don't seem to be able to help me on this one so my computer may just be heading to the shop in the very near future.

Fingers crossed it won't impact too much.