Monday, 16 July 2012

Into the Wild Red Yonder

Well I have successfully transitioned into my mountain retreat but as soon as I have settled in (well kind of, I still have a bunch of boxes yet to be unpacked) I am off into the outback for two weeks. I really wanted to get a chapter of everything up before I zoomed of but I had a few complications that kept me a little behind schedule.

It will be pretty safe not to check back for two weeks, I will not be netside for that long, but once I am back updates are going to be able to slide in a little more regularly. I have chapters of three stories finished, I just haven't been able to get around to editing them, and the last... well it is a little larger than normal but, I hope, will be worth the wait.

Good things come to those that wait, not like you have a choice but still :)


  1. You sound busy. :-)

    Glad you are where you want to be and that you have managed to write a bit as well as settle in. I will look forward to your return and the new chapters. Don't take a Taipan to the knee.

  2. well, hope you find the wench for whom you are searching the outback and that she proves to be the inspiration necessary. oh. wait, not wench hunting? not word-hunting either. hmmmmmm.

    well whatever it is, I will return from deep east texas, the true wilds dontchaknow, just about the 3rd week of august so I expect maybe the words will all be up by then...

    will there be a new outback sorta story added to the archives by then as well? or are ya just gonna leave your fans hanging, wondering what could be so awesome as to merit ignoring OUR needs? certainly we all know where your priorities really lie.

    grin. have phun!

  3. It's been three weeks! We are starving out here!