Friday, 29 June 2012

Mountain Man

Well I am finally in my new house, living on a mountain now, nestled in the rainforest :) Unfortunately what this means in the short term is that I am without an internet connection, something I have to get on to next week, so I shall be offline for a little while. So if I don't respond as quickly you will know why.

Fortunately though, it will mean that I will have a lot more time to write. I haven't had a lot of time recently but I have been working, just really slowly when I can get a few moments. I can still write though, so when I come back online, I hope to have a few updates available - and yes, a new chapter of MVO should be among these (it will be a big one).


  1. Congratulations with the new home. I hope the view is picturesque.
    But rainforest? I already start sweating just upon hearing the weather-woman speaking of 25 degrees Celcius and high moisture...
    But hey, with a bit of luck the birds are as exotic as in yer stories *grin*...
    Take care, Jason. We'll be here when you post updates...


  2. Congratulations. Maybe you could post some pictures of your view here. Waiting anxiously for the next chapters of SPS and MVO.

  3. ditto the congrats... and hoping the rainforest is kinder to you than it was to the 20,000 of us who gathered there about 20 years ago. be careful to drink lots and lots and lots and lots of liquids.

    and looking forward to you returning to the net soon.