Saturday, 14 April 2012

Of Mice and Men

Well, I have been kept away from my writing by a few things lately, and some of them even sapped a little bit of my interest in writing. Nothing major to worry about, just life stuff :)

But I am back ni the swing of things now. I had some grand plans to really get stuck in over Easter but those plans were turned on their head, spun around and then pushed into traffic. Needless to say, they did not come to fruition.

I am always reticent to promise things when it comes to writing but this week there will be a chapter of Pentonbridge Pig and My Very Own added. They are finished, I am just proofing now. I have started on some new Between Two Worlds and Sarah Porters Schooldays and even the next chapter of My Very Own.

Plus a couple of new stories got the 'opening act' treatment. I know, I know. I should finish something before gallivanting off into new territory but I'm very much like a little kid, easily distracted - each new idea like a shiny butterfly half-glimpsed through the long grass, begging to be chased.


  1. Great o hear you have started writing again. Sorry to hear about life dishing up less than an optimum experience. I have a big dose of that myself at the moment so sympathise.

    I wouldn't worry about being distracted by new ideas, best to get them into corporeal form lest they fade and be forgotten. Go where the creative juices lead. You don't 'owe' us anything and I for one am very happy you share your outstanding efforts with us at all. SPSD and MVO are both masterpieces, so I would urge you to continue them when you can.

  2. Can't wait - I am an obsessive checker of the site waiting (perhaps impatiently) for the next installment of the finest erotic literature on the net.

  3. Thanks for the update Jason. I'm glad things are settling down.

  4. Hi Jason
    Glad to hear about you again, I do hope everything will go now for the better. You have all my sympathy...
    I can't wait for your next chapters! As you know, I am myself a huge fan addicted to your SPSD story that I consider one of the very best stories of the erotic literature currently available. I 'm somehow disapointed to read that it will not be updated first among your stories... Too bad! ;) I can't wait to read new chapters with Sarah's education...
    Bets wishes / David