Monday, 23 April 2012

Finally :)

It has been a while coming, with various obstacles needing to be overcome but we are here. 

New chapters for Pentonbridge Pig and My Very Own are up and no it won't be seven months before we hear more from Emily again. I've already begun chapter 26 :)

We'll hear from Sarah next, though, against my best efforts, I have been rather mercurial with my writing of late. New chapters for each published story are in the works and the college story I mentioned recently, and an entirely new story has several thousand words.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me links and other goodies. I shall look into that big list of sites over the coming week and put my stories in a few more places.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thank you.

    I am probably being thick, but up where?



  2. Up on their respective blogs, which you should see at the top right. For some reason blogger is atrocious in actually updating feeds to other blogs so all the chapters are way out of date in the list. You have to just go and check to see what is the latest.

    I always post here when I add something new to any story, so you really only need to check here.

    1. When I first looked there was only the link to the April fool's version. When you replied, the link had updated to the proper version.

      Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Jason especially for MVO.

    You mention people sending you things -- is it posible to send you email? I don't see how to do that from Blogger.

  4. I hadn't realised my email wasn't visible here. You can email me at my gmail account - lazerou. I'll have a play with my profile too.

  5. Ok my email is now attached to my profile. I understand so very little of the whole blog interface. I'm basically only using what I absolutely have to. If anyone has any tips just let me know.

    Especially anything to do with why some of my posts seem to change font halfway through, despite every setting being identical in the source material!