Monday, 23 April 2012

Finally :)

It has been a while coming, with various obstacles needing to be overcome but we are here. 

New chapters for Pentonbridge Pig and My Very Own are up and no it won't be seven months before we hear more from Emily again. I've already begun chapter 26 :)

We'll hear from Sarah next, though, against my best efforts, I have been rather mercurial with my writing of late. New chapters for each published story are in the works and the college story I mentioned recently, and an entirely new story has several thousand words.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me links and other goodies. I shall look into that big list of sites over the coming week and put my stories in a few more places.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Of Mice and Men

Well, I have been kept away from my writing by a few things lately, and some of them even sapped a little bit of my interest in writing. Nothing major to worry about, just life stuff :)

But I am back ni the swing of things now. I had some grand plans to really get stuck in over Easter but those plans were turned on their head, spun around and then pushed into traffic. Needless to say, they did not come to fruition.

I am always reticent to promise things when it comes to writing but this week there will be a chapter of Pentonbridge Pig and My Very Own added. They are finished, I am just proofing now. I have started on some new Between Two Worlds and Sarah Porters Schooldays and even the next chapter of My Very Own.

Plus a couple of new stories got the 'opening act' treatment. I know, I know. I should finish something before gallivanting off into new territory but I'm very much like a little kid, easily distracted - each new idea like a shiny butterfly half-glimpsed through the long grass, begging to be chased.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Latest MVO

Chapter 20 is up. It might be a little shorter than normal but let me know what you think. More to come soon.