Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MVO 19

Chapter 19 of MVO is finally up. Things are a little crazy at the moment, and don't look to be much different for the rest of this month, but things weren't helped by not noticing a natural end to the chapter. The good news is that chapter 20 is half written already :)

I promise, hand on my heart, that a new chapter of Pentonbridge Pig is next. I know my loyal piggers have been waiting a long time and before too long your patience shall be rewarded.

I just want to say thanks again to everyone who is reading and for all the emails and feedback. I enjoy writing (of course) but you guys and girls and my inspiration and motivation to keep trying to improve and to keep writing as often as I can. I appreciate it.


  1. I have to say, MVO is probably one of my favorite running stories anywhere and I'm always eager for the next addition. By the way, I stumbled across this artist whose main characters heavily remind me of Katie and Lauren. You might enjoy glancing through it.

  2. Thanks for the excellent chapter Jason!

  3. I really enjoy your work... please keep writing I especially like Sara's story.. please if you can add some new chapters there as I have to say I want /am dying to know what her Sunday punishment session will be! ten hours of grueling fun oh please write it soon!

  4. Thank you lovely ladies.

    Nalani, I probably shouldn't say it but the next chapter of Sarah Porter is written, I just haven't proofed. I know, slack right.

    Chapters vary in how long they take me to write but it generally takes a set amount of time to proof - for a 20,000 word chapter (which is the norm) it takes more than close to three hours, depending on how frenetic I was while writing. Time here isn't the issue, it's just that when I sit down to proof, I invariably get sidetracked by writing and I end up producing more new material :)

  5. No need to rush things up, I too can barely wait, but I know it will be worth it :)

    Take your time and proof read all you can ;) because I'm addicted to your writings :D

    Thank you

  6. I'll tell you, the two things I'm dying to see is when Katie FINALLY tells Lauren that she loves her (seriously the suspense is getting to me) and when Lauren finally gets her hands on a strapon. I'm also a touch curious to see if Lauren has any intention of sharing Katie with others and whether she's willing to share her with just girls or boys as well.

    I just have to say that I really appreciate the depth you're bringing to these stories. At times they can feel a touch slow when you're moving through Katie's day but I think it's outweighed by how immersed you get in how her relationship affects the most mundane of things.

    That and I really like the occasional shift into Lauren's head, it makes the character more round and understandable. I think the shifts of consciousness also make Lauren more of a real person and keep her from becoming too much of a... I want to say caricature of dominance but that's not quite it. I think what I'm saying is it keeps her from being an archetype of "the mistress". She doesn't end up too grandiose that we have to suspend our disbelief.