Monday, 13 February 2012

Between Two Worlds

Well the first chapter of a new story has been added to a new blog. You can see it in the list on the right, but for some reason blogger is adding it as a feed and not a blog, at least for me. If it looks different to my other blogs let me know and I will have a look at fixing it (or if you can help that would be great). If no one else sees it any differently, great... I guess.

This story is one focused around bestiality. If you do not like this topic, do not read it. It's something a little different for me and, as always, I'd love any feedback anyone may be able to give.

Seriously though, if I see any comments about the subject matter itself, my response will be blunt and unflattering.


  1. Comes up as a blog for me.

    Despite misgivings I liked it. The Bestiality is a good way of exploring the more familiar themes of profound submission. A plus.

  2. Another awesome story thank you so much, looking forward to new chapters to follow :D


  3. Thanks a lot, it's always great to get feedback, especially on something a little different. I know some authors have a tendency to react badly, and some say they want feedback but then get all snarky when they get it, but I really enjoy hearing anything and everything anyone has to say.

    I'm always looking to improve and everyone has a different perspective. Always just a little hesitant with a new writing endeavour so thanks for letting my know how you feel.

  4. I feel that a change of setting did you good. I found "Between Two Worlds" to be among your best work -which in itself is already an achievement.
    I'm glad it was you who wrote this. Another author with less eye for detail would have screwed this up in a major way.
    There's just the right balance between human and animal behaviour here, in that Bonnie's borders between the two are getting more vague by the hour...
    I've also left a short appreciation underneath the first chapter, by the way...
    Thanks for writing.

  5. Thanks Jimmy, hope to keep making you guys happy and doing my best to keep improving. I have a few different irons in the fire, some of which will appear shortly, others at a later date. I'm trying to stick to my own stuff at the moment, so sorry to everyone whose requests I have to knock back. I'd love to write everything, really I would but I am just a little too time-poor :)

  6. I appreciate the work and effort you put into your stories and I really appreciate the character development. I'm dying to see the next chapter of My Very Own. One thing I couldn't get from the protagonist in Between Two Worlds, or Sarah Porter for that matter, is why she's submissive. Perhaps for Sarah Porter, she's being brain washed, or it would simply be too difficult or painful to rebel. But, those really don't feel plausible to me. Ostensibly, she just accepts what the teachers tell her because she believes it. But, seriously, why would someone believe that? Or, why would Sarah Porter believe it?

    We are introduced to Bonnie long after she's already filled into her role and although it's impressive that her submission is so profound, in many ways it doesn't even feel like submission. In Bonnie's world, it feels completely normal for her to be pets for her mistress's dogs. Perhaps this view just reflects my own interests, but for me, the interesting part of Bonnie's story happened before the story started. On the other hand, maybe that's sort of the point of starting the story where you did, so you can slowly reveal her training and submission through flash blacks.

    Katie (from My Very Own) is more believable in this respect. She's submissive because, initially, she's being blackmailed. Then, because of her training, she starts to develop feelings for Lauren. As those feelings become more intense, it makes sense that she might fall more into the role that Lauren creates for her.

    In some sense, it feels like Bonnie, Sarah, and Katie are all the same character but at different points in their development as a submissive. (Not that it's a bad thing)

  7. Thanks Zo. I try to make all my stories different, though I know there are common themes throughout. BTW was something quite different for me and I didn't want to do the whole genesis thing again. Some of Bonnie's development might get revealed indirectly.

    It is important to remember that all my stories are fiction. They aren't intended to portray real people or real situations (though with MVO I have attempted to fly closer to realism). I'm not trying to hold to the middle ground, I'm trying to fly as close to the sun as I can without straying that little bit too far and falling to the harsh waves below.

    I know it can sometimes seem a silly thing to remind people of, but honestly, some of the mail I get does make me wonder. I know it is only because people are enjoying what they are reading but still...

    Of my main characters, Emily and Lauren, are the only ones who are not submissive. Those people who are truly submissive are this way because that's who they are - it is no different than a sexual orientation. You can't say to a gay person: why are you gay? Or the same to a straight person? It is just who they are. How they discover this, and embrace this aspect of themselves is what is happening in my stories.

    Some people have simply always known they were dominant or submissive. Others will only discover it much later in life. Sometimes it is like a lightning bolt, other times it is a slow process, a coaxing of the true nature. You can't make someone submissive who isn't naturally that way - unless you break who they are as a person, which is a reprehensible act (in reality).

    I try not to reveal too much about what is going on in these stories (apart from what is on the page), people form their own ideas and invest what I write with their own flavour. There are as many versions of my stories as there are readers.

    I can't write every story everyone would like, hell I can't even write all the stories I would like.

  8. I have 6 stories in development, with varying degrees of first (or second) chapter completion, plus the three that I am trying to keep going, and now the emergence of BTW as a contender for my time.

    As the stories progress we'll see more (not all Sarah's classmates are as accepting as she is and maybe Sarah herself isn't either) differing points, just bear in mind that though these stories are already long, they are really only just beginning.

    I hope I can keep everyone's interest and keep you reading until I run out of ideas :)

  9. I really love your stories, especially SPS and BTW, Sarah and Bonnie are amazing, there are many stories out there with rebellious (forced) subs, only a few with actually submissive characters and those are just what I'm looking for.

    There is no need to keep it so real, although these types of characters do exist, a fantasy needs to be free from real worlds restrictions IMHO

    Please Keep it up :)

  10. Thanks Peachy. PP is a story where the protagonist is not submissive (and I have a couple of others in development). Tonally the story is very different and a large part of this is because of the non-consensual theme but mainly it is due to Emily's struggle to find her place without having a submissive nature to facilitate acceptance. How do you deal with being dominated and controlled when every fibre of your being is fighting against it?

    As a dominant I do tend to find the submissive nature much more attractive to write about. There are so many different versions of submission, as there are dominance and fetishes in general, and you can't really just throw a blanket term of "submissive" on someone. It will mean something different to every person and I have tried to make my characters portray this differently in each story. I don't know how successful I have been, I guess that is for you guys to judge.

    Each story is set in a different world - the mistake should not be made that they are all the world in which we live (though they can be if you want them to, I like ambiguity on some things). In the majority of bdsm literature there is a touch of the outrageous, the premise itself when scrutinised at the base level, is simply untenable. Having said that though, truth can often be stranger than fiction and history (and indeed modern times) is peppered with examples not of only individuals, but of organisations, institutions and even governments, enacting programs that are so outrageous to general society, that we actually find it hard to accept they are truth. You don't even have to look very hard to find such examples, and even less hard to find those of a sexual nature - the media loves these.

    Case in point, and one very close to home (geographically) - a man kept a woman as a sex slave in his garage, for five years. She entered into the arrangement for financial reasons to begin with, but soon found herself unable to leave. She was broken into believing she had no options and accepted whatever happened - she was tattooed, pierced and some rather nasty things were done. This guy was not a dominant, he didn't want a submissive in a loving relationship - he was a sociopath and was only caught because a neighbour noticed that the woman was becoming increasingly skinny and looked ill and addressed her concerns to a local doctor who looked in on them and exposed what was happening. This happened in my city, less than ten years ago, in suburbia.

    As Springsteen said, "you get used to anything, sooner or later it just becomes your life."

  11. Well the good news is that you're going to keep updating SPS, just please don't make Sarah such a bad (unwilling) sub :) her magic lies in her acceptance and her need to obey/please her superiors especially Mrs. Rice. Lets reveal more of that world and see her surprise herself while she discovers her true nature.

    A good story is never too long even if its a million chapters while a bad one is way too long even if its only a couple of paragraphs.

    Please excuse my English, its not my 1st language

    1. You're doing great for English not being your first language. Actually a hell of a lot better than most for whom it is :)

  12. What I like about you, Jason, is that you know your pappenheimers. You know people.

    As an avid reader of most any kind of subject, I of course somethimes have "...hmm..." or "...a-ha..." moments, but I leave everything up to the writer's perogative. Sure, I have suggestions. But I'll seldom put those forward because I don't want to steer a writer into a certain direction. Because, in the end, everybody gets disappointed; the writer for having written him/herself into a corner and the reader because the writer didn't write exactly what was intended...

    I also sometimes grumble to myself when updates don't appear as fast as I would like. But I also realise that there's other things in life that need attention besides writing. We all have our lives and some folks tend to forget that a writer also needs to prepare dinner, eat, go shopping, go to the bank, chase the neighbour's dog back into its own garden, etc.

    That's why I always tell authors to take their time, no matter how long. I'd rather wait a while and read something I like or at least can get in to than getting updates every 24hrs to be confronted with badly worked-out chapters...

    Cheerio my man.

    1. Thanks JJ.

      Nail on the head right there. I think a lot of people do identify an author with the work alone, and it can sometimes be difficult to take that step back and realise they are people. Especially in the case where no one is getting paid for what they do. We have to go to work just like everyone else and have the same demands on our time, it's just that some of the spare moments we get are devoted to writing.

      It does make me smile though. I don't think anyone is as frustrated as I am with the little amount of time I sometimes have to write. My goal was always to write a chapter a week. I still try but as we can all see, I'm not hitting the mark all that much these days :)