Monday, 13 February 2012

Between Two Worlds

Well the first chapter of a new story has been added to a new blog. You can see it in the list on the right, but for some reason blogger is adding it as a feed and not a blog, at least for me. If it looks different to my other blogs let me know and I will have a look at fixing it (or if you can help that would be great). If no one else sees it any differently, great... I guess.

This story is one focused around bestiality. If you do not like this topic, do not read it. It's something a little different for me and, as always, I'd love any feedback anyone may be able to give.

Seriously though, if I see any comments about the subject matter itself, my response will be blunt and unflattering.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sarah Porter's Bug & New Material

Yep, the latest two chapters of Sarah Porters Schooldays were the same. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out. You guys and gals are quick off the mark. I have taken both down, because it was CH30 that was up twice, so to keep things continuous I removed both chapters. I'll pop them back up tonight.

I will also try ang get one of my new stories up. Just to allay some fears, I am not abandoning any of the three current stories. These are new, and well to be honest they are old, well old as in they were written around the time of MVO chapters 6 or so, where I was dabbling with a few other concepts, just basically getting some ideas out and being surprised to see they turned into a couple of chapters.

There are four potential stories that will appear during February (time dependant), though one is more of a small novella, self-encapsulated and with and ending - I know shock horror right, I have actually finished a story. But I was trying something different, and as this story is complete I might just take a little more time polishing it off.

So the stories, very minimally (I have had a lot of questions but these answers will do for now) are: one set in a college, based around a special sorority, one set in Africa (modern times), one is a bestiality story (thought I would try my hand), and finally a body-mod, lactation story called The Dairy (this is the finished story).

They are all just a couple of chapters right now and I thought I would add em all, see if there is any interest. I tend to be a little fickle in my writing, bouncing between projects as the fancy takes me, so at any time a story could be added to.