Friday, 27 January 2012

Patience is a Virtue

Hey Everyone

I'd like to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who has been so patient over the last few weeks. This latest chapter of MVO has taken a while to put together, there has just been a lot going on. Most of you have been really patient and even those who haven't have nagged in the most polite of ways :)

There is an issue with the font in the latest chapter but I honestly don't know why. Instead of spending an hour trying to figure it out, I shall leave it up to you to simply work around.

This chapter really was sitting like a monkey on my back for the last few weeks and I have never been so glad to finish a chapter before. Over the coming weeks there shall be more of Sarah Porter (I have a lot of chapters to proof), more of Pentonbridge Pig (chapter 25 is done, I just need to proof), two new stories I wrote a few chapters of a while back and just need to proof. Are we seeing a pattern here? And I have started on the next chapter of MVO.

I am very interested in feedback on this latest chapter so please feel free to write to me (email, comments, etc) and let me know how you feel. I have very specific ideas about what I write, but I am very close to the project and often don't see things that others do.



  1. Good to see the Jack is out of the box. Welcome in 2012, by the way ;)

  2. Loved the latest chapter of MVO. Love to get both perspectives of a D and S relationship.

    Can't wait to see the latest Sara Porter stuff - and the new stories as well.

    May 2012 be productive and healthy for you.

  3. Oh, and for all those that have asked, chapter 19 of MVO is a back to school special. I know that will put a smile on a few faces :)

  4. This is excellent news! I'm nearly finished with the 18 chapters of MVO that you've posted thus far, and I finished Sarah Porter's sad story weeks ago. I'm looking forward to new chapters in each with bated breath (actually, if I quit brushing my teeth for a few days, I suppose I could wait with bait breath ... but that's neither here nor anywhere we should be discussing ...) ;)

  5. Good to see you back on track :-)

    Would love to get in touch with you but can't find any adress here ?!?


  6. Very happy to see latest chapter of SPS. Thank you.

    I am not sure whether two chapters became concatenated or it is just a blogger bug but chapters 29 and 30 appear to be identical.