Sunday, 20 November 2011

Most Frustrating Chapter Evah!

Well finally managed to get CH17 of MVO up. Crazy work schedule, comp death and internet outages all kinda conspired against me. It's finally finished, fingers crossed that the next chapter won't take so long. While I have the chance I shall pop up a couple of chapters of some other stuff as well.


  1. Oh but it was completely worth it. It came to a beautiful conclusion.... actually the entire progression was inspired. I hope your luck takes a turn for the better though.

  2. Patience may be a virtue, but it's now been OVER THREE WEEKS since you told us you'd be posting chapters in all three stories "in a few days." What's going on? Are you even still alive?

    C'mon, mahn. I be missin' Sarah Porter.


  3. I'll have those panties unknotted within 24 hours. New month, new internet - so I can hopefully resolve some of the issues I have been having with my connectivity. I've been writing and proofing, just not able to get it online.

    Sarah is coming :)