Thursday, 13 October 2011


Hey Everyone

Well chapter 15 of MVO is posted. I had tried to get a bit of proofing of SPS done but I tended more towards writing this week. I shall endeavour to get through the slightly more tedious work of proofreading over the coming days.

Chapter 15 is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but hopefully one of those rides that re-invigorates the whole idea of a small metal cart rocketing you around on a rail at a hundred miles an hour, doing loop-de-loops and threatening to end your life at every turn and not one of those sad rides that makes you want to swear off theme parks for good.

There is one section in the chapter that I would like feedback on specifically. There is a one-way conversation buried in there somewhere and I am totally unsure of how to write something like that. Let me know if it worked or if anyone knows an alternate way of writing something like that - I'm all ears.

I know, I know, I missed the update at the library. To be honest though I am a little miffed with the whole random way things are done there. For a site that exists because of the donations of the contributors it is pretty shabbily run and said contributors are treated pretty badly. I will submit a big bunch of chapters for all three stories to hopefully make up for the missed update (though when the fuck that will be is anyone's guess, when Torq has a day off from his almost permanent state of fuckedoffedness maybe).

Haha, ok back down with the plebs now, soapbox to one side, feeling the warmth of the sunbaked street radiating through the toughened skin of my sole. Rant over.

Enjoy and thanks for waiting patiently for my latest effort. I can only hope it meets with expectations, as I feel them keenly - the fragile ego of the artist (too pretentious?) never quite rests comfortably.



  1. The one way conversation worked for me. If anything were added to it I suppose facial expressions would help.

    Looking forward to the next chapter(s) for MVO and SPS.

  2. The rollercoaster ride was pretty enjoyable.
    On-way conversations are best written by letting the reader know what the "invisible" part said through answers/questions from the "visible" party.
    The one-way conversation on the phone in chapter 15 was too short to become a nuisance/confusing, so, no "harm" done ; )


  3. Thanks Jimmy. I really wanted the content of the conversation to be a mystery, from Katie's point of view, she should not know what was going on - it's not her place. Curiosity killed the cat you know - or at least got the Kitty spanked :)