Thursday, 27 October 2011

MVO Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of My Very Own is up. It's long but let me know what you think.

I do, on occasion, let slip a few things about how I write, but I'm not really interested in delving into or analysing exactly how I write. I find it boring to talk about. One question I will answer is: What music do I listen to when writing?

None. I would find that far too distracting. Maybe if I could string together a series of long instrumentals like from Godspeed You Black Emperor, or Surface of Eceyon, or even the soundtrack to Dead Man (which I really must download one of these days), then maybe. But I don't really think so.

Hope you enjoy this latest instalment.


  1. Mmm... More of a Hard Rock/Metal man myself, although I listen to (and have) anything from Bach to the most spine-crunching Black Metal...

    Maybe try some Isis or Kinski... Or, hey!, Pink Floyd even...

    I'll let you know about chapter 16, well, when i've read it *wink*


  2. You might enjoy the shroud, it's a touch more rock than what you list but something like their remake of "black is the color of my lover's hair" seems like it'd strike your fancy. Personally, I enjoy Abney Park or Rasputina to get me into a writing headspace.