Friday, 21 October 2011

In the Schoolyard

Well, no MVO update this week but I have managed to proof 7 chapters of Sarah Porter's Schooldays - 15-21 are now up.

Chapter 16 of MVO is coming along though, and chapter 25 of Pig is almost finished. Hopefully next week will be a big week, though don't reach for the pitchforks and torches if not.


  1. Always happy to see updates of any kind from you, Jason... Even if it would be to announce there's no updates ; )

    I'll read later; I seem to have caught some kind of virus and am in too poor a health for the time being... : (

    Torches and pitchforkes, eh? Now you have me grabbing for my copy of Rush's album "Moving Pictures" to have a listen at "Witch Hunt"...

  2. Sorry to hear that Jimmy. I have been in a rather retro mood of this week. For some reason I just couldn't stop thinking about Television. Marquee Moon has been spinning ever since.