Monday, 3 October 2011

A few little answers

Chapter 13 of My Very Own is up, it's short but it took me a while to write, just had a few hectic weeks and not a lot of time to devote to much. Chapter 14 isn't far off so hopefully you won't have to wait as long again.

I've had a few different questions asked over the last couple of weeks and thought it might be a good time to clear a few things up:

  • Yes I am looking for a submissive at the moment 
  • No I am not looking for anything virtual. I'm not interested in anything long distance or strictly online. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on point of view, I am a very tactile person, I really need to feel and touch and be right there with the person I am with, I just don't have the time or inclination for an online relationship that has no intention of moving forward
  • My published stories were written in this order: Pentonbridge Pig, Sarah Porter's Schooldays and then My Very Own. Pig was started many years ago but I took a long hiatus from writing. I started writing again this year. I wrote 39 chapters of SPS and then jumped on to MVO. 
  • No, none of my stories are being abandoned. I shall be doing my best to juggle my writing and keep them all going at once.
And a few personal ones:

  • I am male *gasp* - sorry but I don't get this one, I just pay attention, I notice and absorb things, I love women and love to study them, it's how I know so much about them, but really any guy should :)
  • I am Australian, no we don't spell funny we spell correctly!
Well I hope that has cleared up a few of the questions that I get asked consistently.


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  1. Ahh, that explains it! You're a counterfooter!!! Hehe...

    Flemish folk (like me; from Flanders, Belgium) seem to get along nicely with -among others- the Scots, Irish and Oceanians... must be because the Flemish also got invaded/oppressed a lot; in our case by about anything that moved across Europe between 1000BC and 1830AD.

    About your writing and possible hiatuses; hey, don't you worry too much about that. First priorities (are there second ones?) is to get your private matters sorted, amigo, then the rest will follow. Besides, I'm a patient man...

    Thanks for writing, Jason.