Tuesday, 20 September 2011

MVO Chapter 12

Hi Everyone

Chapter 12 of My Very Own is up, along with a few chapters of both my other stories. I haven't had a lot of time to write lately. I really need a block of time for writing, but I can proofread when I have ten minutes here or there so I am slowly getting through the backlog of stuff.

Feedback on chapter 12 would be greatly appreciated. The writing process was a little disjointed and I hope that hasn't come across too much. Let me know if it did and I shall see if a revisiting is in order.




  1. Nothing wrong with chapter twelve from where I'm sitting. Only thing "strange" is that Kitty is becoming more shy as the story unfolds -strange in the sense that it's usually the other way round.
    But it fits the situation, doesn't it... Kitty is a bit like Eve after she bit the apple and became conscious of, well, her sexuality. Same thing with Katie. Lauren is the snake in Katie's paradise and Katie's lurking submissiveness is the apple which slowly makes her aware of her sexuality and where that sexuality is leading...
    Some might find these stories overly long, but I truly enjoy every word of "My Very own"...
    Excellent characterizations and storytelling.


  2. Agree with JimmyJump, nothing wrong with chapter 12 or any of the other. Don't want to stop reading this story.

    You and Euryleia Rider have a gift for this type of story.