Wednesday, 17 August 2011

All my stories will eventually be posted on their own blogs and linked here, about the only way I could format it the way I wanted.

If anyone can help with how to use a blog, I would appreciate the help.


  1. Can't help you out on how to use a blog, I'm afraid, since I signed-on just to be able to reply in an orderly fashion...

    What I wondered about though, was if you would mind if I "publicly" follow your blog. Just asking because, since everybody who stumbles across my blog will be able to see who I'm "following"... not that I mind personally; but maybe you would mind, in light of your personal message a while ago in "reference" to a review I posted on the re-emergence of one of your stories...

    and to a fruitful house-hunt *cling*


  2. Hey JJ

    Not a problem whatsoever, please do follow publicly. I don't have a problem with anything that I have created, I only had a problem with the way the library was structured and the pigheaded approach that the owners had taken to personal information.